About the Nude 52

The Nude 52 is a creative exercise. It’s a series of nude pin-ups, of characters from DC Comics.

The purpose of this site is to celebrate the human form, and the diversity of characters that can (at times) be found in the DC Universe.

I started this project as a personal creative challenge, a way to amuse myself while exercising my figure-drawing muscles and characterization skillz.  But when I talked about doing it, I had so much interest from other people, that I decided to open it up. The original plan was to post one each week for a year, but response has been so overwhelming, that I decided to post them more quickly to try to keep up.  We’ve long since passed 52 items, and I don’t care, because it’s been so much fun.

Any resemblance to characters protected by copyrights or trademarks is … OK, probably not coincidental, but no infringement is intended, and this site is protected by US “Fair Use” doctrine, as a noncommercial parody which doesn’t affect the market for authorized uses of that intellectual property.