6 thoughts on “Vibe and Commander Steel

  1. http://www.soulduster.com/

    This is a really interesting take on my favorite of Shakespearean play. I haven't read it many years and much of what you mention were themes and ideas I remember sharing with you when I read it last but have subsequently forgotten. Thanks for jogging my memory and reminding me that it has been far too long since I read Shakespeare.

  2. Greta

    Happy 300th Blog Dec!300 wow that’s great man….. and listen don’t let it get to you that like 200 of them are abit bornig or that most of them are you going on and on…and on about how great you are….. that everyone has to sift through, and lets be honest here, alot of crap just to get to a few ‘okay’ sketchs…….. it’s still a great achievment and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Really man can you cut back on the self loving abit, it’s getting a we bit disgusting.Only kidding! There are atleast more than 100 decent blogs on here.


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