About the site operators

This site is a project of Jason A. Quest and Zlatan Marić, who are responsible for its existence.

Jason is a semi-professional heretic and pornographer, who is also responsible for Holy Comics! (publisher of Captain Miracle and Fetus Christ), PD56 (a copyright-expiration joint), Neverpedia (about Peter Pan & J.M. Barrie), and This Is Not A Penis (a censorship protest). His short erotic comic with writer Dale Lazarov – called Everybody’s Doin’ It! – is the featured comic in Best Gay Erotica 2014. He’s had work published in the anthologies Anything That Loves (Northwest Press) and You Are Not Alone (GrayHaven Comics). He continues work on his mangum opus JAQrabbit Tales, a bio-porno-graphic novel.

Zlatan is professional sandwich technician and aspiring cartoonist.  He has been collaborating as a frequent illustrator on JAQrabbit Tales, and has begun drawing Peterphile, a graphic novel about a mild-mannered pervert who attempts to befriend Peter Pan.

All images are the property of their creators. This site is not affiliated in any way with DC Comics, Time Warner, the Trilateral Commission, or the Cult of Scientology.