15 thoughts on “Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

    1. Rena

      tggp,By implying that it can be wrong to support something, you seem to indicate that you believe in some objective moral truths. I would be quite diptesoinapd in you if that was indeed the case.No, but I do believe in objective facts, and it is wrong to support something if your support is based on facts that are inaccurate.

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      Znowu mamy kolejne ekshumacje. Zrobione po cichu, bez wiÄ™kszego medialnego odzewu.————–Powinien Pan poruszyć tÄ… sprawÄ™ na forum Parlamentu Europejskiego, Panie EuropoÅ›le. Należy niezwÅ‚ocznie spowodować by ekshumacjom zostaÅ‚a nadana wÅ‚aÅ›ciwa ranga. NiezbÄ™dnym wydaje siÄ™ także wprowadzenie ustawowego obowiazku uczestnictwa europosłów w sekcjach zwÅ‚ok ekshumowanych. Po to by mogli potwierdzić autorytetem swojego urzÄ™du wystepujÄ…ce nagminnie oszustwa i nieprawidÅ‚owoÅ›ci.Plastykowe woreczki i pieluszki zapewni europosÅ‚om odpowiednia komórka Parlamentu Europejskiego gratis…

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      ViktoR Posted on Witam. Bardzo fajny poradnik dla osób raczkujących w elektronicznej rozrywce, będzie gdzie odsyłać znajomych. Tylko fragment o braku możliwości zmiany naszego gamertaga mija się z prawdą, za kasę wszystko się da załatwić (800MSP o ile dobrze pamiętam).Co do PS3 to miałem i sprzedałem, ale znów zamierzam zamiar nabyć z KZ2 bo trochę zaległości się nazbierało (LBP, WipeOutHD), no i jest na co czekać (GoW3, HR, Uncharted 2).

  1. http://www.wisspurrs.com/

    Beazy, I don’t know if what you state is fact or not, I just want to ask what you think the season ticket base would be, how many of the current 12-15k will not renew if it was in channelside? I don’t think you can automatically start at 10k or so, I think start at 2-3k and hopefully work up. I for one, don’t like trying to get around in downtown tampa, probably because I live in pinellas.

    1. Midge

      Tobin at Ignite Social Media, Jim, with all due respect, you’re completely in the wrong here. There is absolutely nothing in the rules that states what a blogger can or cannot say. You acted arbitrarily and capriciously and I suspect that Chrysler will be hearing plenty about this. I read the emails, and that’s not what Kristin was replying to at all. It was in response to Kristine asking about voting with more than one computer.Take reoptnsibilisy for your actions and either reinstate her or scrap the contest and offer a mea culpa. This will not end well.

  2. http://www.blrimages.net/

    I know this is small comfort, Sara, but recent polling seems to indicate a fall in the popularity of Israel around the world:We’ve got to keep working on exposing The Big Lie about who the victim is in Palestine.

  3. Jarrett

    Thanks, Sank. Your story about breaking in thougrh the bathroom window reminds me of my husband. He’s the youngest of 6 kids, 5 boys & 1 girl. He tells a story about how his mother would lock them out of the house in the summer. He and his brothers would sneak back in the house thougrh the bathroom window without her knowing. I used to think that was a horrible story and then I had kids.

  4. Robert Chandler

    I love that Booster comes from an enlightened future where the male sex organs aren’t mutilated.
    Also love how Beetle is chubby and adorable. I want to see these two get it on!


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