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  2. Lakshmi

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  3. Robert Chandler

    I’ve often wondered (theoretically) what young Billy thought when he was transformed and suddenly had a very post-pubescent body. It would be overwhelming. Erotic? Confusing? Exhilerating? This could make for some good fan fiction!
    I would have guessed that Captain Marvel would be uncut. He’s a magical being getting his powers from Greek and Roman deities. Can’t imagine who would think to cut the tip of his dick off. Sure, one could say that he’s just a grown up Billy, but he’s buff and idealized. Even if Billy was cut, his “perfect” version would be whole and intact.
    Am I totally overthinking this totally fictional character? ;-)

    1. JAQ Post author

      Perhaps. :)

      Back in the 90s, Malibu had a character called Prime that was the writers’ take on the idea of a boy transforming into a wish-fulfillment adult body. They focused mainly on the superhero form being a power fantasy, rather than the sexual side of it, but there were also some complications that came from grown-up Prime flirting with the 13-year-old girl he had a crush on, and when he’s caught with a backpack containing his own clothes (to put on after he changes back into a boy), both of which branded the hero as a perv.

      My own take on the concept was a boy who transforms into Captain Miracle, a straight-laced God-powered superhero who retains his childlike intellect and moral purity, so sexuality doesn’t factor into the story much.


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