One thought on “The Doom Patrol

  1. JAQ Post author

    Since these folks aren’t particularly well-known, here’s a quick run-down:
    In the wheelchair is the Chief, the mysterious mastermind who founded and leads the group.
    Flying above them all is Negative Man, an energy being formed from test pilot Larry Trainor after exposure to radiation. Larry wears bandages covering his skin to prevent the radiation from killing people.
    The brain in a puddle on the ground is Robotman, the only surviving human part of Cliff Steele, kept alive in a robotic body.
    The woman is Elasti-Girl, a movie starlet who gained the ability to grow and shrink after exposure to gaseous chemicals.
    The dude in the hat is Mento, who uses the device to amplify his telepathic powers. He joined the group and married Rita.
    And the dog is Beast Boy, their adopted son, who can transform himself into any animal. But green.


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