2 thoughts on “Kamandi

  1. Robert Chandler

    “Kamandi, The Last Uncut Boy on Earth”
    I love the hair and I love the foreskin.
    Living in a post-Apocalyptic world is tough, but having that foreskin to keep him company probably makes it much more pleasurable!
    Any chance he could hook up with Y: The Last Man?

  2. JAQ Post author

    I’ll fess up: I’m not a Kirby fan, especially when it comes to his work for DC. Don’t get me wrong: his art was all that and a bag of chips, and I wouldn’t even try to duplicate it, because he’s in an entirely different league from me. And all due credit for co-creating the Marvel Universe. But his Fourth World material always felt like an awkward add-on to the DCU. However, part of the beauty of Kamandi was that he clearly wasn’t tied to DCU continuity (despite a few weak attempts pretend he was). With a premise explained right there on the cover (“The Last Boy on Earth”) and familiar to anyone who’d seen Planet of the Apes, it was free to be its own thing.

    So here’s Kamandi, feeling free to show his own thing. And yes: Little Kamandi goes to the same hair stylist as Big Kamandi. :)


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