Do you want to participate in the Nude 52? You can!
Pick out your favorite DC superhero or team – famous or obscure – and draw it! E-mail it (or a link) to, with the name to be credited, and the address of your web site.  (By submitting your work, you grant perpetual non-exclusive rights to publish it as part of this web site.)  We reserve the right to turn down any contributions, but we haven’t so far, and that shouldn’t being a problem as long as you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • They should be nude (or nearly so).
  • They have to be recognizable as the characters … because of how they look, what they’re doing, props, powers, etc.  Don’t just trace a porn model and call it “Wonder Woman”, ‘mkay?
  • Minimum size: 625 pixels wide.  Larger is better.
  • Any medium, any style. Whatever fits the character.
  • Exercise caution and taste with any under-age characters. Drawings of imaginary minors are (by definition) not child pornography under US law, but go for  “nudist” not “pervy”.
  • Have fun.  Sexy is fine.  Kinky is good.  Funny is great.  Explicit is OK.  Ironic is welcome.  Creative … is demanded.

22 thoughts on “Participate!

  1. Salgood Sam

    I should try to come up with something, been preoccupied with the mountain of todos…

    By the by, re drawings of imaginary minors, something to mention to folks is that canadian laws are currently really vague on this count and include exactly drawings of imaginary minors, even if the drawing is clearly not of a minor but say, a very adult looking sailor moon having sex. And customs have tried to nail people at the border for having an image like that on their laptop or devices. So use extra caution if you are in, or going to good old cold canada.

    1. JAQ Post author

      Yes, there was a case not long ago of a US citizen with an image file on his computer of little chibi-style characters having sex, which got him arrested and charged with “child pornography”.

      But on the more pleasant topic, I’ve love to have something from you. Don’t worry about duplicating a character we’ve already seen … we’ve had a few minor incidents and we’re far enough along that I’m no longer worried about getting nothing but nude Wonder Women. :)

    1. JAQ Post author

      Well, we did just have a Zatanna, but since I’ve already allowed a duplication of Robotman, we can relax the rules a little. :)

  2. Joey Sayer

    I claim the Legion! (I promise to keep it to a maximum of 20 Legionnaires, not a shred of clothing, and all identifiable…)

  3. Logan Kowalsky

    I’m very interested in participating to the project for one drawing. If it’s avalaible, i’ll probably draw a Lobo (the old fashion way…) Anyway it’s a very cool project, hope a lot of people will follow the blog !

  4. JAQ Post author

    FYI, I’ve already started on drawings of Clark Kent, Barry Allen, and John Constantine.

    The esteemed Marvin Mann has called dibs on the princess Diana.


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