3 thoughts on “Superboy

  1. Troy Stanley

    I like this version of Superboy, too — much more than the tee shirt and jeans boy. This was back when he was young and had a little bit more of a devil-may-care attitude. I can see this Superboy and Captain Marvel, Jr. (Freddy) “sky-streaking” just to let off some steam!

  2. JAQ Post author

    Of the various versions of Superboy, the post-Death-of-Superman one created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett is my favorite. The original pre-Crisis Superman-as-a-boy version was just what it said on the tin: the same old character with the setting changed and Lana and Pete substituted for Lois and Jimmy. The character that the Kesel-Grummett Superboy morphed into by the 2000s was just another sullen and angsty teen. And the less said about Superboy-Prime the better.

    But when he was introduced, this Superboy was a breath of fresh air. Despite the 90s-superhero fashion sense (hinted at here), he was cheerful and confident, and – most importantly – cute as that Grummett button nose. This was my attempt to capture that spirit.


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