5 thoughts on “Superman

  1. Robert Chandler

    I like to think that the Kents, being wise and compassionate, wouldn’t have circumcised Clark even if they could.
    Also, with circumcision rates slipping in the U.S., guys born after the middle 1980s have a progressively better chance of being left intact. Plus, anyone born outside of the U.S., Israel or Muslim countries are very, very likely intact. Makes me want to visit an Thanagarian locker room!

    1. Greg Corpe

      Isn’t circumcision not only a Jewish custom, by a Muslim one too? BTW love you nude 52. There is a running joke among my comic book friends and that is what do the aliens superheroes penises look like?

  2. Robert Chandler

    I love that Superman isn’t circumcised! It makes him more interesting and sexier. Foreskin of Steel! Plus, Krypton was an advanced society that would likely realize there’s no good reason in the universe to cut off a healthy part of a baby’s body. Also, the Kents couldn’t have butchered his dick if they wanted to!
    I just read the second New 52 volume of Superman and saw him walking around his apartment in some really big grandpa boxers. This is MUCH nicer!

    1. JAQ Post author

      For the ones I’m drawing, I make a conscious decision whether the character would be circumcised or not (and not judging whether they should). Despite his Jewish creators, Krypton wouldn’t have a rite based on an Earth religion, and as you point out the Kents wouldn’t have been able to have it done. Similar story with Kamandi: being born in a post-apocalyptic environment, it wouldn’t even be a consideration. On the other hand, Barry Allen was born a middle-class midwesterner, where circumcision would have been routine.

  3. JAQ Post author

    This was the first Nude 52 drawing I started. After all, he’s the one that started it all.

    One of the challenges of drawing superheroes without their clothes is how to make them recognizable. Especially since so many of them are just copies of this guy, all with the same body-builder physique. The solution is in the details. The spit-curl, which I echoed in his happy trail. The fact that he isn’t circumcised. (Yes, I realize his creators were Jewish, but realistically: where are you going to find a mohel with access to kryptonite?) And under what circumstances would you find Clark naked? During his morning routine, shaving his whiskers with his heat-vision, of course!


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