3 thoughts on “Prez and Eagle Free

  1. Robert Chandler

    I remember reading about that. Or maybe Eric talked about it at the San Diego Comic Con. Vertigo was supposed to be more edgy, but DC got too sensitive with characters that started out in the DCU. It was still a pretty sexy book.

  2. Robert Chandler

    Not only are they both uncut, but they both have distinctive foreskin. I love this attention to detail! Great drawing. If there were illustrations like this in the short-lived Prez series, I’d be spending my weekend searching through the back issue bins!

    1. JAQ Post author

      You have no idea how much I overthink such details! :)

      Although the one dick drawing got censored by DC, Ed Brubaker’s and Eric Shanower’s Vertigo one-shot Prez: Smells Like Teen President is well worth seeking out.


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