4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

    1. Marvin Mann

      heh, I guess she shaved for the “photoshoot” hah. Seems to me she might also sport underarm hair, but whatever, it’ll grow back. It was a fun drawing to make.

  1. JAQ Post author

    When I first got the idea of doing the Nude 52, I was thinking I’d do them all myself, as kind of a creative exercise. Then I considered that it would be a substantial drain on my productivity on other comix projects — I also have a full-time job too — and thought about opening it up to other artists. That would make it even more entertaining, I thought. And I could still reserve the “important” characters — the ones that had to be done well — for myself.

    One of the first artists to express interest in participating was my friend Marvin Mann. He’s got a load of great work under his belt, including Some New Kind of Slaughter, The Lone and Level Sands (with A. David Lewis), and The Grave Doug Freshley (with Josh Hechinger), and he’s working on a comix adaptation of a classic work of erotic literature. His style is nothing like mine, or most superhero artists, either. He’d have a great, different approach. So who did he want to do? Wonder Woman. One of the “important” ones.

    Of course I said he could.

    And he nailed her. So to speak. Why, from this you’d almost think that Diana of Themyscira was … Greek.


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